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My name is Stephen Carr and I like to make things. I spend most of my time making things for the web, but I also like making other stuff too - I just like creating. Take a look at my sketch book, it gives you a good idea of the sort of things I like and how I work.

I choose to use the internet as my main creative outlet because it allows a huge amount of freedom. The other great thing about the internet is that the technology allows everyone access to the same platform. Whether you a multinational corporation pushing the latest product or a college student who has something to interesting to say - everyone can get their message heard.

Community is important to me, I am very interested in online communities. The internet allows me to collaborate with people across the globe, it allows me to stay in touch, share music, pictures, ideas and all for little to no cost.

I like to build sites that are easy to use, present information clearly and work in an intuitive way, I like to be user-centric in my design, form follows function - or so they say. However, I also like to experiment and mess with the rules. You can see some examples of my work by clicking here.

I enjoy photography and you can see some of my work over on flickr here.

If you would like to send me a message use the form below, more contact information is available on the contact me page . If you would like to see my résumé click here.

About this site

This site uses valid XHTML and level 2 CSS. I try as much as possible to code in a clean and elegant fashion, the XHTML on these pages is semantic and lightweight and the end user hopefully gets a quick loading easy to use page. I like to keep up-to-date with web standards and I see this as the logical way ahead, standardisation will make developing web sites smarter and more efficient.

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