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News! - I think I've finally got my healthcare administration degree and I'm not ready to move forward into persuing my career. I'll also probably stop doing all these juegos, juegos and again juegos since I believe I've been addicted to them for a while now lol. Happy wheels and bulk candles has been definitely my favorite ones so far.


He’s enveloped in a hooded robe of white marble, while his face and hands are abstract paintings made of nearly black cast bronze. Looking closely, you see he’s shedding a single tear. An interesting side note is that Calvi based his portrait on the features of Ira Aldridge (1807-1867), the actor who was the first black man to play Othello in Europe.

The problem with battery technology isn’t whether or not we can build better batteries — as the chart below shows, we can build batteries that blow traditional lithium-ion out of the water. Keep in mind that the chart below is exponential, meaning that fuel cell technology has 10 times  LG 18650 rechargeable the energy density of a typical cobalt-Li ion battery. The various “Metal-Air” batteries, including zinc-air, aluminum-air, and lithium-air, have some of the highest energy densities ...